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National Security, Counterterrorism & Policing

We assist local governments and national security improve their national security posture through the provision of advanced training, state of the art equipment and technology, developing multi-strategy and multidisciplinary programs; border control, digital & electronic surveillance, institutional digital transformation, secure communications, cyber security and intelligence, and much more.

Past Experiences Include: CIVPOL police training programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Jordan. Contract value: U.S. $2 billion - Read more past experiences

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Corporate Security

With 0ver 17,000 security personnel worldwide, we provide global & comprehensive security solutions for corporations and non-government organizations to include physical & manned security solutions, digital & electronic security & surveillance systems, secure transport & logistics solutions, international travel risk management, executive security, facility management & security, asset recovery.

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Risk & Crisis Management

We provide comprehensive risk & crisis management services to include in depth due diligence, preventative & predictive digital security spanning the internet, deep & dark web, high risk operations such as evacuations, extractions and hostage negotiation.

Past Experiences Include: DUI was contracted by several governments to conduct evacuations/repatriations from Afghanistan during the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan 2021 - Contract Value USD $45 million - Read more past experiences

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Diplomatic, Executive & High-Net-Worth Security

DUI is accustomed to providing comprehensive & bespoke security & risk management services to Royalty, Dignitaries, Executives, Celebrities and High-Net-Worth Individuals; international aviation & travel risk management, international emergency response & crisis management, residential security, executive protection, cyber security to include deep & dark web predictive risk management, counter-espionage and more.

Past experiences include; U.S. Department of State Worldwide Personal Protection Services in Iraq and Afghanistan. Contract value: U.S. $50 million - Read more past experiences

Port & Maritime Security & Counter Piracy

We provide state of the art maritime security & maritime border control for nation states. DUI also provides maritime security solutions for commercial vessels & private yachts; to include armed counter piracy teams for commercial and private vessels transiting through HRAs, secure maritime logistics and transport, comprehensive port security & management.

Past Experiences Include: Deepwater Port security contract. Contract value U.S. $200 million - Read more past experiences

Aviation & Airport Security

Defence Unlimited offers Airlines and Airports an integrated range of Aviation ground services to contribute to their development by meeting the expectations of their customers. We understand the highly specialized needs of the aviation business and provide services of the highest standards.

Defence Unlimited offers airline safety, manned & unmanned safety, risk and reliability analysis, safety-critical tasks analysis, and international support and logistics. DUI also offers spare parts supply, component repair, MRO. DUI's sister company, TransWorld Aerospace & Aviation Ltd acts as an airline operator.

Past experiences include; Multiple national airport security contracts. Contract value: U.S. $420 million - Read more past experiences

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Defence Unlimited reviews & troubleshoots your existing security & risk management infrastructure. DUI compliments your existing ecosystem by identifying loopholes and vulnerabilities. DUI remedies such vulnerabilities and enhances your overall security posture across the entirety of your organization, utilizing a cost effective, yet highly effective multi-disciplinary methodology.

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