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Vanguard Global Ltd.

Vanguard Global is a UK based private security and consultancy firm with global operational capabilities. Accustomed to providing bespoke security & risk management services in low, medium and high risk theatres around the world, Vanguard has global reach, extensive experience and in-depth local knowledge. 


Diplomatic, Executive & High-Net-Worth Security

XQ fills the market need for a lightweight, military-grade data protection solution for mobile device applications and IoT sensors. XQ Message’s Secure Message Authorisation Routing Tracking (SMART) utilises a Zero-Trust Architecture that is less complex and costly than operating separate file encryption, access control, and VPNs to protect application data. XQ’s primary market is software developers and solution providers who serve regulated enterprises and smart cities. Our goal is to secure and manage the data for digital infrastructure.


FENICE Aerial Surveillance and Drone Technology

​Provides an economical Airborne Force for real time and accurate intelligence which supports revenue generation and security development.

  • Narcotics Trafficking

  • Marine EEZ Piracy Targeting of Vessels

  • Human Trafficking / Illegal Immigration

  • Border Force & Insurgency Surveillance

  • Foreign Govt Counter-Surveillance

  • Unregistered Coastal & EEZ Fishing

  • Illegal Mining / Marine Fuel Bunkering

  • Marine EEZ Development

  • Forest Illegal Logging



Wingship Technologies

A ground-effect vehicle (GEV), also called a wing-in-ground-effect (WIG), ground-effect craft, wingship, flarecraft or ekranoplan, is a vehicle that is able to move over the surface by gaining support from the reactions of the air against the surface of the earth or water. Typically, it is designed to glide over a level surface (usually over the sea) by making use of ground effect, the aerodynamic interaction between the moving wing and the surface below. Some models can operate over any flat area such as frozen lakes or flat plains similar to a hovercraft.

The Wingship has been developed for military as well as civilian applications. Main features incliude;

  • Up to 100 passengers

  • Up to 10 tons

  • 500 km range

  • 180 km/h

The Wingship is fully registered with International Maritime Organisation IMO, and is classified as a VESSEL, not an aircraft.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Defence Unlimited reviews & troubleshoots your existing security & risk management infrastructure. DUI compliments your existing ecosystem by identifying loopholes and vulnerabilities. DUI remedies such vulnerabilities and enhances your overall security posture across the entirety of your organization, utilizing a cost effective, yet highly effective multi-disciplinary methodology.

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