Strategic Government Support

Image by Jaanus Jagomägi

Defence Unlimited and its sister companies are collectively well placed to navigate frontier and emerging markets and are committed to development and sustainable growth. DUI is in a unique position in that it can leverage the expertise, experience and resources of its sister companies for the benefit of friendly nations.


Our solutions based approach within the national defense and security arenas;

  • Improving the overall national security and defense posture of partner nations

  • Developing indigenous defense industries and economies

  • Capacity building, training and development of state security and military personnel

  • Development of robust private security industries 

Leveraging our multi-disciplinary expertise and experience and our financial resources, we can assist friendly governments with;

  • Defense related trade finance for governments and defense contractors

  • Investment banking

  • National digital transformation projects

  • Technological appropriations

  • National Infrastructure projects

  • Vertical integration of indigenous industries, particularly related to natural resources, industrial & manufacturing projects

  • Industries of strategic importance to partner nations, such as agriculture, heavy industry, extractive industries, energy, transportation

Financial Resources & Capability

Technical Expertise & Know-how

Multidisciplinary Consortiums

Defence Unlimited has the financial resources to undertake mega projects on a national or regional scale.

Defence Unlimited & its sister companies have the experience, technical expertise and project management capabilities required for seamless execution and bespoke advisory services.

Defence Unlimited is adept at creating project specific consortiums required for multi-disciplinary projects such as infrastructure projects.