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Defence & Military Contracting

If there is a requirement, we can supply it; vessels, vehicles, aircraft, weapons, missiles, ammunition, spare parts & MRO, strategic goods & consumables, electronic & communication systems, tactical gear, PPE, surveillance technology, command & control, aerospace.  Defence Unlimited International also provides services to train or supplement official armed forces in service of friendly governments.

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Developing Indigenous Defence Industries & Economies

Defence Unlimited supports local governments in developing their indigenous defence industries & economies to enhance self sufficiency regarding strategic military products, reduce defense spending and boost GDP by developing defense export markets. DUI does this by investing, consulting, appropriating technology & creating fully fledged defence economies.

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Investments & Acquisitions

Defence Unlimited routinely invests in strategic companies operating in the defense arena; OEMs, joint manufacturing, MRO, research & development, digital & electronic technologies...

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Strategic Support & Consultancy

Leveraging Defene Unlimited's strongest asset; its global network, DUI offers a wide range of defense related strategic support services to governments. DUI also assists defense companies access new markets and reach new clients, particularly in frontier and emerging markets. DUI's global network and government relations span every continent and reach the highest levels of decision making.

Past Experiences Include: U.S. Air Force War Reserve Materiel (WRM) management program in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Contract value: the U.S. $600 million - Read more past experiences

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Defence Offsets

Defence Unlimited International offers Defense offset trade, and agreements are legal trade practices in the aerospace and military industries.

These commercial practices do not need state regulations but since the purchasers are mostly military departments of sovereign nations comparable to the US Defense Department, many countries have offset laws, public regulations or, alternatively, formal internal offset policies. The international names for these commercial practices connected to weapons trade are various: industrial compensations, industrial cooperation, offsets, industrial and regional benefits, balances. Offset agreements are protectionist, and distort competition.

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Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

Defence Unlimited International offers extensive maintenance, repair and overhaul as well as technical support and engineering services spanning land, sea and air based systems and platforms and more.

Past Experiences Include: Contract Field Teams providing rapid-deployment support for U.S. military rotary and fixed-wing aircraft technical services throughout the Middle East and across the globe. Contract value: U.S. $1.5 billion Read more past experiences

Capacity Building, Development & Training

Defence Unlimited International offers multi-disciplinary capacity building, training & development  for military (army, navy, air force), police & intelligence personnel.

Past Experiences Include: CIVPOL police training programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Jordan. Contract value: U.S. $2 billion - Read more past experiences

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Corporate and government clients benefit from DUI's versatility within the defense sector. This versatility allows DUI to compliment  and integrate within you ecosystem by assuming different roles depending on your organization's unique context, strategic & operational requirements.